PDF – Trix and Chatter by Werner C. Dornfield a.k.a. “Dorny”


Stunning magic from some of the most successful magicians of the early twentieth century, alongside amusing and intriguing patter suggestions.


In his introduction to this unusual book, which bears the subtitle “A Novelty-Serio-Comic-Magic-Ologue”, Dr. T. C. Bonney praises it as “one of the best works on conjuring that has appeared in recent years.” The author, Werner C. Dornfield, begins with a selection of comic introductions to a magic show, before offering serious monologues, all of which are sure to prove inspiring to any modern performers seeking to replicate the charm of early twentieth-century magical entertainment. Why bill yourself as a magician when, taking your cue from “Dorny”, you could be a “Delineator of Deceptive Dexterity” instead? The author goes on to provide full patter suggestions for twenty-five tricks, many of which, including the Miser’s Dream, Multiplying Billiard Balls, Rising Cards and Torn-and-Restored Napkins, are still used today. The central hundred pages of Trix and Chatter will be of interest to any students of the history of magic, as two-page biographies of some of the biggest names of the era, and some of their lesser-known colleagues, are given. A final section sees each of the profiled magicians provide explanations of effects from their repertoires, with contributions from such luminaries as Harry Blackstone, Charles Jordan and Jean Hugard.

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Werner C. Dornfield a.k.a. “Dorny”

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