PDF – Volume Eight — Collected Magic Series by Percy Naldrett


Big names in British magic present their favorite routines.


Percy Naldrett’s collection of material from Britain’s pre-eminent magical performers comes to an end with this eighth hundred-page volume. The final installment of the “Collected Magic” series brings together nineteen routines, tips and ideas, boasting such novel contributions as J. F. Orrin’s “Spider’s Web”, in which an illustrated arachnid locates a chosen card, and his highly entertaining “Trick with a Brick”, in which the brick of the title balances impossibly on the edge of the performer’s table before turning into a model house. Other effects see alphabet cards magically ordering themselves, the contents of test tubes transforming from handkerchiefs into liquids and pictures, and counters of a chosen color disappearing from one tumbler and visibly passing into another. The explanations given and Percy Naldrett’s illustrations are very clear, and although some routines require a little prop-making ability, readers investing time and energy into crafting the gimmicks described will be rewarded by being able to perform a range of unique effects.

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