Special Price: Sketch Deck Bricks! $70 postpaid in the U.S.


Just a few bricks of these amazing Sketch decks will be sold at nearly 50% off regular price. Hurry and get one for only $70 postpaid in the U.S.

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Conjuring Arts and Tannen’s have teamed up to offer a brand new original and VERY limited edition deck from Pr1me of Rome, Italy.

The new Sketch deck literally uses the sketches created in designing the Pr1me series 001 deck and the result is a totally original and exciting work of art. This deck is strictly limited and hand numbered and we have imported only 1,000 decks total with only 1,000 being retained in Italy for their market.
The quality is very much like the Pr1me deck which has a coating that is most like the celebrated Jerry’s Nugget cards. They handle beautifully and their durability allows them to last and last and last. We have noticed that they are slightly softer than the original Pr1me decks but this should please cardists that don’t prefer cards that are overly firm. We also notice that these cards handle changes in humidity extremely well.
We love this deck and the quality along with the fact of it being very limited makes it a great collectible.
*Conjuring Arts is not responsible for items shipped without insurance. Conjuring Arts policy is to always state the actual cost of items shipped on the customs form.