Superior – Skull & Bones – Porper Card Clip

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A stunning way to protect your decks! Lightweight aluminum with a durable black powder coat that we engraved Superior and our Skull & Bones Back design into.

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A Porper card clip made of silver aluminum, black anodized, with the Superior logo and the new Skull & Bones back design expertly etched away. This card clip will complement your new Skull & Bones decks perfectly and be of use for many years to come!

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Weight 4 oz

1 review for Superior – Skull & Bones – Porper Card Clip

  1. Jeffrey Ashkettle (verified owner)

    I know that Porper is the ultimate when it comes to card clips. I bought this “Superior – Skull & Bones – Porper Card Clip” and am somewhat to very disappointed with it. First off, I ordered 2 Superior Skull and Bones decks (red and silver) ans a matching Stripper deck to try out. I put the deck with all 52 plus the two jokers along wilt the cellophane on the outside and the deck just drops right out. It wont even hold the deck without adding an extra couple cards. I tried a regular Superior Brand Deck (I have a brick of red and a brick of black), it will hold my deck if I leave all 52 plus 2 jokers but doesn’t apply any pressure to the deck. I added 1 odd back card for Chicago Opener and it will give some pressure to help flatten the deck (as it should). So really, it takes 55 cards to only get slight pressure on the deck.

    I have not owned a “Porper Clip” before but this just did not live up to the hype. I did recently buy a plain black “Porper Clip” from VI for $40 (the same Porper Clip most sites sell for that price with the curved spine and Porper’s signature inside (the S&C has Expert Playing Card Company printed in the spine). It holds the Superior Deck, Phoenix Deck and Bicycle with 52 (and really well with 54) with a solid amount of pressure across the entire face and back of the deck. This is 100% the hype I have always heard and protects as well as flattens the cards I place inside.

    I really like the looks of the Superior Clip but not the workings unfortunately. I leave it on my bookshelf a little overpacked (just to the point it gives pressure) and it makes a nice nick-nack.

    • Bill Kalush

      Hi Jeffrey,
      We are sorry that your clip doesn’t fit the new Skull and Bones very well. It’s not an issue with Porper or the clip but instead it’s because Expert uses different paper stocks for different decks. The card thickness will affect the way the clip works, of course. When we order clips from Porper we specify precisely what decks they should fit since no clip will fit all of our decks. The skull and bones clip was made to fit the first version of the decks and it was a bit thicker than the V2.
      If you would like to return the clip we would be happy to refund you in full for it.
      Thank you for your business and support!

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