Frank Bonville takes you inside the underground world of gambling to expose many methods used by cheaters, grifters, and con men.

How the Count Down is Played by Three Men in a Poker Game
How Signs are Given on the Edge of Cards
Characteristics of a Professional Gambler
The History of Dice
How an Up-To-Date Card Room is Conducted
How a Professional Gambler Tests His Ability
Signs Used by Partners on the Street
The Double Cross
How a Professional Poker Player Takes Care of Himself
How Round Table Stud Poker is Cheated
The High Deal
The Spread Cut
Cards Marked with Finger Nails
The Double Discard
The Haymow Shuffle
Strippers and How Made
Toothpick or Cigar Signs
Second Dealing
A Cold Deck of Cards, and How They Play Them
Marked Cards
How People are Short Changed
and much, much more!