World’s First Kevlar Card Clip! Only $99 postpd worldwide.


This amazing clip weighs practically nothing and yet is incredibly strong!

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Only $99 Postpaid Worldwide!
**We only have 15 of these available at this time. Act fast if you want one.**

A World First, a 100% real Kevlar Card Clip. It weighs only 1 oz (27 grams)!


Kevlar! That’s right, straight from the world of bulletproof vests*. Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) worked closely with Lawrence Sullivan and managed to pull off another world first. This beautiful clip is strong, stylish and really rare. We only have 15 and not sure if we will ever get more.
Each Kevlar Clip comes complete with a custom EPCC Clip Jacket to store and protect your Kevlar Clip. These are also available separately: EPCC Clip Jacket
*We make no claims that this clip is bulletproof and strongly advise that the end user not shoot anything at it.