World’s First Titanium Card Clip! Only $199 postpd worldwide.


Made of solid Titanium, super strong and corrosion resistant!

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Only $199 Postpaid Worldwide!
**We only have 35 of these available at this time. Act fast if you want one.**

A World First, a 100% real Titanium Card Clip. It weighs only 1.4 oz (39.7 grams)!



Expert Playing Card Company® has collaborated with our friend Lawrence Sullivan and Legends Playing Card Company to develop something truly awe-inspiring: the world’s first completely Titanium Card Clip!


Discovered in 1791, titanium gets its name from the Titans of Greek mythology. It is astoundingly strong, featuring the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element and is extremely corrosion resistant.


They are a lustrous yet understated grey color and sublimely light in weight. Crafting them to our specifications was quite a feat of engineering. They will protect your cards and keep them perfectly flat, despite a trim profile and light as a feather feel. They weigh in at just under one and a half ounces!

We have not had very many made due to the high cost involved, but we think that those that make the investment will have a card clip that will last many lifetimes and never fail.