Zen Pure Combo Pack – 1 Zen Pure Gold deck- 11 Zen Pure decks- Luxury Mag Brick Box.


A convenient combination of everything Zen Pure!

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This is a great way to sample the various products from the release of the EPCC Zen Pure playing cards!

You will receive eleven decks of Zen Pure playing cards and one limited edition Zen Pure – Gold deck (12 decks total!) safely tucked away in our beautiful Luxury Magnetic Brick Box, postpaid in the U.S. 
Zen Pure – Gold is one of the most striking decks to be released this year and includes gold foil stamped on each and every card. Limited to 1000 decks.
Zen Pure is our modern rendition of the ornate Zen deck. They are made using Master Finish and you will have to feel them to believe just how great they are.
Our new Luxury Magnetic Brick Box is our excellent new 12 deck storage solution.
Master Finish – Very thin and very firm. This stock is the most like Jerry’s Nugget that we have been able to get. The choice of many of the masters. Semi-smooth but does have a subtle embossing pattern.