A devotione del signore – Horatio Galasso


Perform a centuries old mystery with Conjuring Arts’ beautiful facsimile of Horatio Galasso’s A devotione del signore. Recently discovered, this unique magic prop allows you to read your spectator’s mind with virtually no effort! Every magic library needs this special mind reading book.

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Perform a centuries old divine mystery. 
Imagine asking your spectators to think of any saint pictured in this book and being able to reveal their thoughts within seconds.
From the Conjuring Arts rare book room comes both a significant piece of history and a magic effect in one. Publish in 1617 by Horatio Galasso, the same man who first published the stacked deck. The only known copy of this book in existence is at Conjuring Arts. Our very accurate and faithful reproduction will pass in any magicians library as if it were the original.
While masquerading as a devotional book filled with images of saints it is secretly a magic prop meant to read minds. This is a self-working effect that is easy to do and can be performed by anyone within minutes of reading the instructions.
Introducing Conjuring Arts’ brand new, faithfully recreated beautiful facsimile of Horatio Galasso’s
A devotione del signore.
*As of 1-27-2017 the Instructions on how to perform this divination are downloadable immediately after purchase. You can follow the link at the bottom of your confirmation email or you can also find the link in your account in this shopping cart. If you ordered it before that date you should have been emailed the instructions already.


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