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Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

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Between 1973 and 2005, Dr. Robert J. Albo produced one of the greatest sets of books in magic literature—the eleven-volume Classic Magic series. Drawing on his extensive collection of props and vast knowledge, Dr. Albo offers readers a comprehensive guide to prop-based conjuring that spans hundreds of years, thousands of miles, and a wealth of effects.

While the extremely limited-edition Classic Magic books are now greatly sought after and fetch extremely high prices in their original format, Conjuring Arts is delighted to exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s definitive series as a set of fully searchable PDFs.

Whether you’re a keen student of magic history or a performer seeking to expand your show, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover the props and routines that have made the reputations of master magicians throughout the ages.

NOTE: The PDF for Classic Magic Supplement (Classic Magic series, vol. 8) was updated on 8/4/2023.


The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs (Classic Magic series, vol. 1: 255 pages)
Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 2: 247 pages)
More Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 3: 381 pages)
Further Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 4: 360 pages)
Still Further Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 5: 446 pages)
Final Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 6: 424 pages)
Classic Magic Index (Classic Magic series, vol. 7: 277 pages)
Classic Magic Supplement (Classic Magic series, vol. 8: 8 PDFs; 405 pages)
Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus (Classic Magic series, vol. 9: 319 pages)
History and Mystery of Magic (Classic Magic series, vol. 10: 465 pages)
Laboratories of Legerdemain (Classic Magic series, vol. 11: 495 pages)

4074 pages; 18 fully searchable PDFs.

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Full contents:

The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
—Chapter One—The Bambergs and Okito
—Chapter Two—Okito Magic: 1900, New York:
The Great Angling Trick
The Riddle of the Rabbit
Water-Bowl Production
The Okito Card Frame
Transposition Extraordinary
The Restless Spheres
The Butterfly Trick
Mysterious Dove
Okito Bird Cage
The Hindoo Inkwell
Nest of Boxes
Handkerchief Gun
Mandarin Jewel Caskets
—Chapter Three—Okito “Berg”: 1940, Chicago:
Okito Card Star
Cut and Restored Ribbon
Color Changing Candle
Matter Thru Matter
“The Box”
The “Bam-Berg” Zombie Cabinet
The Tea-Canister Mystery
Flip-Over Vanish
Sleeve Production
Magical Incubator
Ring on Wand
Visible Block Penetration
Fu-Manchu Hand Chopper
The Substitution Principle
The Confetti Trick
Gobi Bowl
Jewel-Chest Mystery
The Linking Chain Links
—Chapter Four—Okito Redmon: 1950:
“Where Did The Ducks Go?”
The Alphabet Block
Checker Cabinet
The Scare Mask and Dove
Multum in Parvo
Color Changing Wand
Crystal Casket
Okito’s Miraculous Production
—Intermission—The Bamberg “Gerunte”
—Chapter Five—Miraculous Productions:
Okito Mat Trick
The Triple Production
Fu-Manchu Super Production
Eight Glasses Production
—Chapter Six—Okito’s Famous Floating Ball
—Chapter Seven—Fu-Manchu Section:
Fu-Manchu History and Show
Stage Magic Technique
The Magic Book
Flash Appearances
The Girl from the Light
The Cremation Illusion
The Pendulum Illusion

Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Magic Craftsmen Past and Present
—Chapter One—Blocks:
Die Box and Chimney Vanishes
Phantom Die Cabinet
Die Flyto
Block Transposition
Mysterious Die, Flag and Casket
Vanishing and Reappearing Block
Block Box
Die Drawer Box
Appearing Die in Crystal Casket
Baffling Blocks (ABC Blocks)
Passe-Passe Jumbo Dies
Goblin Die
Block and Ribbon Release
Block and Cage Transposition
Die to Canary
Eric Lewis’ Miraculous Blocks
Confusing Blocks
Find-the-Lady Cubes
Squeeze-Away Block
Vanishing Three Blocks
Die, Cage and Canary
Block Penetration
Vanishing Die in Mirror Box
Block Release
Histead Block Release
Rod and Block Release
Visible Penetrating Block (Vampire Block)
Visible Block Release
Cube of Confucius
Miniature Visible Block Penetration
Altar of Allah
House of Chin Lee
Bewildering Blocks (Cube Libre)
Blue Phantom
Architect’s Nightmare
Mysterious Blocks
—Chapter Two—Drawer Boxes:
Standard Drawer Box
Reversible Drawer Box
Double-Load Drawer Box
Dissecting Double-Load Drawer Box
Ultimate Drawer Box
Removable Drawer Bo
Changing Coin Slide
Enchanted Bells
Watch-Vanish Drawer Box
Double-Coin Drawer Bo
Exchange Drawer Box
Egyptian Cabinet
Production Drawer Cabinet
Davenport Cabinet
—Chapter Three—Mirrors:
Mirror Glasses and Vases
Mirror Casket
Mirror Glass Turntable
Enchanted Hand Mirror
Rose Mirror (Hofzinser)
Magic Looking Glass
Flash Handkerchief Vanish
Mirror Boxes
Utility Tube
Miraculous Glass Cylinder
—Chapter Four—Cages:
Martin Bird Cage
Cage Transposition
Bird Production Cage I
Bird Production Cage II
Bird Production Cage III
Bird Production Cage IV
Dove-Cage Vanish and Reappearance
Vanishing Cage on Stand
Magic Incubator
Balloon to Rabbit Cag
Vanishing Bird Cage (Non-Rigid)
Vanishing Bird Cage (Rigid)
Giant Vanishing Cage
Phoenix (Target to Cage)
Appearing Cage (Ireland)
Marvelous Incubator Cage
—Chapter Five—Miscellaneous:
Kuma Tubes
Pyramid Production
Rabbit Transposition
Expanding Ball

More Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Chapter One—Card Effects:
Rising Card
Swinging Houlette
The Rising Card on a Plate
Any-Card-Called-For Rising Card
Davenport Card Rise
The Jumbo Rising Card Houlette
The Multiple Card Rise
Rising Card Pillar
The Absconding Queen
Card and Target
Card-Changing Trays
Card Tripod
Card Boxes
Berg Card-Vanish Stand
Cosmovision (Gammatration and Cosmovision)
Berg’s Sucker Card Vanish
Find the Lady (Cherchez La Femme)
Himber’s Fifth Dimension
The Gathering of the Aces
Card Pillar Production (Lantern of Diogenes)
Jumping Card
The Card-Changing Frame
The Electric Handkerchief and Cards
The Card and Watch Frame
The Card Ladder
Card Production Between Plates of Glass
The Demon’s Head (The Satyr’s Head)
Pillar of the Magi
Card in Balloon
Card in the Candle
Card Guns
Glass and Card Penetration
Spiderweb Card
Card Star
Appearing Card in Houlette
Card in the Houlette
Card in the Bottle
The Deck of Cards to Handkerchief Effect
The One-Day-Fly Effect
Snake in the Basket
The Card Plate
The Marvelous Prediction
Card Sword
The Miracle Frame
The Presto Card Frame
The Hartz Card Frame
Card on the Bottle
The Card to Flowers
The Card-to-Canary Box
—Chapter Two—Coins:
Coins in the Glass
The Coin Star
The Coins in the Crystal Casket
Traveling Coins (Passe-Passe Coins)
Nickle to Penny to Dime
Coin Vanishing Box
Enchanted Coin Vase (Dream Coin Vase)
The Rattle Box
Nickels to Dimes
The Mysterious Glass Jar and Flying Coins (Crystal
Coin Vase)
Coins in the Bottle
Marked Coin in the Ball of Wool
Blue Glass Coin Trick
Coin Trays
The Enchanted Coin Pedestal (Rising Florin)
The Miraculous Box Effect
Miser’s Dream
Coin Ladders
Coin Production Frame
Marked Coin in the Box of Beans
Stands for Vanishing Coins
Coin Wands
Maggie’s Nite Out
Coin Boxes
—Chapter Three—Nest of Boxes:
No-Assistant Nest of Boxes
Assistant Nest of Boxes
The Tabaret Loading Table
—Chapter Four—Change Bags:
Classic Change Bags
Card Ladle
Change Tray
Fire Globe
Exchange Cannister
—Chapter Five—Potpourri:
Transposition Blocks
Block to Flowers
Block to Cage and Canary
Dove-Vanishing Cages
Visible Block Vanish
Catching Birds in Air
Magic Looking Glass
Magic Incubator Improved
The Visible Circular Block Penetration
Guinea Pig Box
Japanese Drawer Box (See Thru Drawer Box)
Ming Box (Exchange Drawer Box)
The Tea Chests of Wang Foo
Die Boxes
The Blackboard to Cage
—Chapter Six—Okito Revisited:
Miraculous Ball Vanish
Coffee and Milk Cups
The Okito Confetti to Goldfish in Water
Okito Living and Dead
The Canary-Production Cage
The Canary Effect
Okito Leg Chopper
Okito’s Confetti to Silks and Livestock
Okito Sawing an Arm in Half
—Chapter Seven—Magic Posters and Tricks

Further Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Chapter One—Magic Collectors
—Chapter Two—The Okito Show:
The Bowl of Confetti to Water (Gobi Bowl)
The Tray and Silks
“Where Do the Ducks Go?”
“Where Do the Ducks Come From?”
The Couch Illusion
Addendum to the Duck Production
—Chapter Three—Rice and Confetti:
Rice Vase
Bottle to Rice
Rice Vase (Gaughan)
Wand to Rice
The Rice and Orange Trick
Rice Bowls
Rice-Vanish Chest
Checker Cabinet
Hughes Cabinet
Confetti Class
Bran Vases
Confetti Vase to Blooming Flowers
Sand Cannisters
Water to Confetti
Confetti Cup
Coffee, Cream and Sugar Trick
Coffee and Milk Cups
Rice Bell
The Confetti Plates
Vase, Cone, Beans and Orange Trick
Cones and Skittles
The Rice-and-Liquid Combination
Confetti and Dove Bowls
(Klingl) Rice Vanish Can
The Rice Tubes (Klingl)
—Chapter Four—Balls, Bells and Eggs:
Ball Vases
The Marble Vase
Orange Vase
Color-Changing-Ball Vases
Morrison Ball Vase
Cannon Ball Vase
Ball Cup
Ball and Cone
Ballot-Box Mystery
The Saturn Ball
The Ball Tube
Multiplying Balls
The Ball on the Wand
Patriotic Billiard Balls
Billiard-Ball Wands
Balancing Billiard Balls on a Wand
Rising Ball
The Croquet Trick
The Mysterious Balls and Tube
The Transposition-Ball Effect and the Perfection Color-Changing Billiard Balls
Billiard-Ball Vanish Box
The Goldston Billiard-Ball Stand
Cups and Balls
The Ring on the Rod
Billiard-Ball Stands
Egg Vases
The Egg and Ring Cup
The Egg Cup
The Chosen Card in the Egg
The Handkerchief to Egg
The Egg to Dove
Confetti to Egg
The Egg and Dove Production
The Hot Ball
The Vanish and Reproduction of the Bells (Nos. 1–3)
Obedient Ball
Ball-Thru-Glass Penetration
The Flying Spheres
The Ball and The Handkerchief Vase
—Chapter Five—Additions:
Rising Cards
The Rajah’s Ransom
The Cut-and-Restored Necklace
Coins in the Casket
Exchange Flower Box
The Crystal-Block Miracle (Klingl
The Mirror-Card Production
Vanishing-Coin Box
Silk Tube
Coin Ladder (Klingl)
Coin Vase
Coin Star
Spider-Web Card (Klingl)
The Cords of Cairo
The P & L Books of Ching Soo
The Magic Incubator
The Repeat Die Box
Buckley Coin Stand
Card Box (Himber)
Card Box (Gamage)
The Jumbo Card Rise
Card Stars
The Card in Balloon
The Card Bouquet
Chapter Six—Color Section

Still Further Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Chapter One—The Magic of Collecting
—Chapter Two—Liquid and Fish:
The French Coffee Pot
The Sucker Glass Vanish
The Vanishing Glass Of Liquid
Patriotic Liquids
Neptune’s Tube
The Vanishing Goldfish
The Marvelous-Glass-of-Liquid Production
The Inexhaustible Vase (Lota Bowl)
The Bogart Tubes
Ink to Goldfish And Water
Wine And Water
The Barrell Of Plenty
Stack-of-Fish-Bowls Production
Aquarium Fish Production
Aerial Fish Catching
Goldfish-Bowl Production
Westgate Bowl Production
The Milk Pitcher
The Ink Through the Hat
The Miraculous Pitcher (McCullough)
The Glass-of-Liquid Vanish
The Marshall Bowl Vanish
The Mystic Funnel
The Enchanted Cylinder
Liquid to Livestock
The Cocktail Canisters
The Cocktail Shaker
Multum in Parvo
Multiple Goldfish-Bowl Vanish
The Vanishing Glass Of Water (Mirage)
The Glass Of Liquid Through Hat
The Glass Of Liquid Vanish
The Fish-Bowl Production
The Mysterious Wine Canister
—Chapter Three—Clocks and Watches:
Clock Transposition
The Vanishing Alarm Clock
The Vanishing and Reappearing Clock
The Appearing Watches on Chain
Frame and Disappearing Watches
The Passe-Passe Clocks
The Flash–Die Alarm-Clock Change
Target Watch Production
The Watch Box
The Mortar And Pestle
—Chapter Four—Candles:
The Handkerchief from Candle Flame
The Vanishing And Reappearing Candle
The Handkerchief On The Candle
Handkerchief In The Candle
The Candle That Was
Candle to Flag
The Candle to Bouquet
The Candle to Fan
The Candle to Handkerchief (Candle Tube)
The Haunted Candle
The Floating Candle
The Magic Candle Stand
The Vanishing and Reappearing Firecracker
The Lighting and Unlighting Candles
The Flame Through the Handkerchief
Coins From The Candle
The Visible-Candle-Production Stand
Candle to Flags
Candle Stand
—Chapter Five—More Additions:
The Okito Rice Bowls
The Flag Vase
Confetti to Doves
The Cards on the Glass Plate
Nest of Boxes
Marked Coin in the Nest Of Boxes and Salt
Confetti To Chinese Lantern
The Novel Mahogany Cage
The Mysterious Money Box
The Visible Block into The Hat
Nic’s Napkins
The Morrison Egg Vase
The Unique Ball Vase
The Excelsior Card Rise
The Dehempsey Coin Pail
Tip-Over Boxes
The Giant Card Rise
The Baffling Blocks
The Coin Easel
The Coin-Release Cards
The Fantastic Die Penetration
The Hoffmann Coin Box
A Novel Coin Box
Coin Boxes
The Miraculous Power Of Crystal
The Pillar Of The Magi (Addendum)
Thayer Coin Boxes
Unique Exchange Drawer Box
—Chapter Six—Spiritualistic Effects:
The Ethereal Floating Table
A Voice from the Great Beyond
The Talking Buddha
The Wonder Clock
The Vase-and-Colored-Stick Divination
The Vase And Colored Discs
Spirit-Message Box
The Divining Vase
The Mysterious Box and Magic Telescope
The Mystery of Mysteries
The Mystery of the Numbers
The Rapping Hand
The Phantom-Shadow Illusion
The Spirit Paintings
A Trip to Spookville
The Handkerchief Spirit Cabinet
The Talking Skulls
The Changing Question Box
The Super “X” Changing Basket
The Magic Billet Box
The Billet-Exchange Casket
The Modern Crystal-Gazing Act
Crystal Gazing
The Patriotic Candles
The Rapping Door
The Billet Tube
The Billet Knife
The Knife Through the Finger
The Devil’s Lock
The Spirit Bell I
Prediction Chest
The Devil’s Mailbox
The Spirit Bell II
The Spirit Buzzer
The X-Ray-Vision Box
The Spirit Clock Dial
The Spirit Tom Tom
The Thumb-Lock Penetration
The Geneva Watch
The Prediction Top
The Mystery Pyramids
A Whisper from Beyond
The Clipboard Reaper
The Magic Note Pad
The Miraculous Card Prediction
The Doctor Q Slates
The Marvelous Bolteo Slates
The New Miracle Slates
The Midget Spirit Slate
The Gambol Of The Spirits
The Mysterious Addition
The Original Slate Mystery
The Hidden Message
—Chapter Seven—Dr. Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser:
The Rice Vase
The Metal Bell
The Ink Of The Enamored
The Prediction Box
The Stock Market Speculator
The Pearls
The Torn-and-Restored Card
The Coin Box
The Numbered Discs
The Twenties
The Grandfather
The Ring in Danger
The Lantern of Diogenes
The Card Box
The Rose Mirror
—Chapter Eight—Magicians’ Tokens and Coins
—Chapter Nine—Color Section

Final Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Chapter One—Flowers:
Schlosser Flower Production
Square-Circle Flower Production
Double Botania
Rose Bush Square-Circle Production
Mystic Cannister
Production of Large Metal Pot of Flowers
Marvelous Flower Production
Bouquet from the Paper Tube
Expanding Flower to Watch
Cannister Flower Production
Flower Production
Match to Flower
Flower in the Lapel
Blooming Rose Bush
Okito Double-Tube Production
Germain Flower Growth
Blooming Bouquet
Fairy Flower Stand
Card-to-Flower Box
Rose Bush Production
Kellar Flower Production
Triple Floral Cylinders
L & W Flower Box
Fastest Flower Vanish
Houdini Flower-Growth Production
—Chapter Two—Silks and Flags:
Cut and Restored Necktie
Vanishing Silk Glass
Canister Silk Vanish
Oriental Tubes of Mystery
Flash Handkerchief Production
Silk in the Glass
Drumhead Tube
Tambourine Silk Production
Tip-Over Box
Silken Tube
Silk Pedestal
Mirror Casket
Melting Pot
Ink Bottle and Potato Mystery
Silk Vanish Tube
Silk Plate
Goblin Tube
Germain Silk Canisters
Phantom Tube
Drop-Side Production Cabinet
Folding Production Box
Sympathetic-Silk Stand
Haenchen Production Box
Modern One-Hand Silk Production
Genie Tube
One-Hand Production
Production Cylinder
Handkerchief Box
Mirror Glass for Silks
Cut-and-Restored Handkerchief
Dream Tube
Enchanted Die Tube
Tube Silk Production
Handkerchief Box
Twentieth-Century Silks
Fall-Away Box
Silk Cabby
Solid Through Solid
Silk Vanishing Wand
Novel Silk-Production Box
Memorial-Flag Production
Mignon Production
Extraordinary Silk Production
Passe-Passe Silk
Impossible 20th -Century Silks
Handkerchief Cassette Vanish
—Chapter Three—Bottles:
Champagne Bottle to Bouquet of Flowers
Bottle Production
Coin in the Bottle
Thread-and-Liquid Bottle
Wine Box
Rat Bottle
Thayer Bottle Vanish
Any-Liquid-Called-For Bottle
Topsy-Turvy Bottle
Bottle to Flowers
Bottle to Doll
Passe-Passe Bottles
Multiplying Bottles
Bewildering Bottles
—Chapter Four—Lamps and Radios:
Silk in the Lightbulb
Vanishing Lamp on the Pole
Lamp Vanish and Production
Vanishing Lamp
Vanishing Radio
Vanishing Radio on Tray
Vanishing/Reappearing Lamp
Vanishing Gramophone
Vanishing Lamp
—Chapter Five—Guns and Rifles:
Shooting a Ribbon Through a Woman
Shooting Through a Woman
—Chapter Six—Covers, Tubes and Vases:
Magic Covers
Eggs of Columbus
Beans to Rice
Transposition of the Balls
Mystic Glass Cylinders
Ball Tube
Mysterious Glass Cylinder
Vanishing Handkerchief
Tubes and Vases
Coffee Vase
Liquid to Silks
Glass of Liquid to Wine Glass
—Chapter Seven—Rings:
Ring to Finger
Ring on Wand
Ring in the Key Case
Ring on Rod
Ring on the Ribbon
Rod, Ring and Cabinet
Ring on Rod
Linking Rings
Ring on Ribbon
—Chapter Eight—Production Items
—Chapter Nine—Livestock:
Duck Tub
Producing a Rabbit from a Hat
Nightclub Dove Production
Balloon to Dove
Haunted Bird-Chest Transposition
Dove Vanish and Reproduction
Sucker Dove Vanish
Thayer Mew Way Production
Changing Rabbit
Duck Vanish
L & W Production Box
Flip-Over Vanish
Tube of Peace
Dove Pan
Card to Canary
Cupid’s Doves
Tri-Color Boxes in Mysterious Flight
Mystic Hindoo Tub
Confetti, Water and Doves
Canary Production
Bran and Birds
Kettle, Dove Production
Dell O’Dell Rabbit Production
Haenchen’s Die and Bird Cage
Exchange Dove Canisters
Take-Apart Dove Vanish
Visible Rabbit Vanish
Rabbit Production
Canary Plug Box
Production Screen
Welsh Rarebit Pan
Rabbit Box
—Chapter Ten—Final Addition:
Multicolored Changing Plumes
Merry Mix-Up
Die Through the Hat
Flame Go
Card on the Candle
Fan Card Production
Plate on the Ribbon
Vanishing Die Box
Baffo Box
Appearing Block
Vanishing-Deck-of-Cards Wand
Magic Chest
Triple-Cage Cannister
Color-Changing Die
Marvelous Picture Frame
Candle Tube
Horn of Plenty
Triple Die Box
Magic Telescope
Magician’s Trick Coins
—Chapter Eleven—Color Section

Classic Magic Index
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Dai Vernon
—Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
—Chapter One—The Magic of Jon Martin:
Rapping Hand
—Chapter Two—Parasols and Canes:
Mutilated Parasol
Dancing Cane
Cane to Table
Magic Canes
The Color-Changing Canes
Cane to Flower Bouquet
Handkerchief off the Cane
—Chapter Three—Micro Magic:
Dizzy Dominoes
The Mummy
Dice Shocker
Cork Through the Card
Penetration of a Pencil by a Playing Card
Computer Trick
Elevator Die
Uncanny Die Box
Miracle Die and Box
Mental Bars
Mental Boxes
ESP Chips
Triple Mental Miracle
Mental Dominoes
Figures of Foo
Tiny Cycletron
Cigarette Cutter
A Die of Beauty
Paddle Trick
Button, Button, Who Sewed the Button?
Telltale Colored Sticks
Spectral Die
Chinatown Chinese-Coin Routine
—Chapter Four—Illusions:
Crystal-Box Illusion
Costume Trunk
The Goddess and the Reptile
Double-Box Illusion
Improved Noah’s Ark
Artists Dream (Fame of Life)
Shadow Box
Doll House
Girl in the Drum
The Phantom-Cage Illusion
Crushing Illusion
Sword Cabinet
Sawing a Woman in Half
Pillars of Doom
Mismade Lady
Aga, or Floating Lady
Stretching a Lady
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Shooting a Lady from the Cannon
Mummy Cabinet
—Chapter Five—Odds and Ends:
Hunted Hut of Madagaskia
Cone Vanish
Golden Apple
Mysterious Card Tower
Glass of Liquid Vanish
Broken-and-Restored Plate
Silks from the Flame
Peerless Block Mystery 109
Visible Cut-and-Restored Ribbon
Prediction Chest
Thimble Stand
Thimble Whiz
Voodoo Cushion
Target to Fan
Flag of all Nations
Broken-and-Restored Fan
Fan of All Seasons
Cake in the Hat (Omelet Pan)
Donald Holmes Cookie Pan
Rainbow Billiard Ball
Pono Chinko
Grandmother’s Necklace
Tibetan Beads
On Target (Or Flying Missiles)
Crystal Caskets
Balls in the Caskets
Thumb Tip
Cut and Restored Rope
Cigarette Magic with Apparatus
Swami Writer
New Orange and Lemon Mystery
Flower Production Trays
Handkerchief and Iron Effect
The Skittle Vanish
The Passe-Passe Ink Bottles
The Card Production in Vase of Flowers
The Mystic Vase
Flower Bouquets from Foulard
The Magic Bloom
Cut and Restored Turban (Ribbon)
Brema Rice Bowls
Square Circle
Egg Bag
—Chapter Six—Color-Section Index
—Chapter Seven—Classic Magic Index

Classic Magic Supplement
—The Okito Timeline
—Floyd Thayer
—“Forcing” Books and Book Tests
Classic Magic Supplement II
—Introduction by Robert J. Albo
—Table of Contents
—Martinka Apparatus
—Additional Magic:
Transformation Bottle
Mechanical Magic Lantern
The Soothsayer
Magic Mindreading Machine
Synchronized Magic Timepiece
Exchange Cone
Divination Discs
Blue Phantom
Candle Tube
Card Sword
Checker Cabinet
Sand Frame
Thayer Flower Production
Vanishing Bowl Of Water (Okito)
Locking Prediction Pointer
Prediction Dice Box
Holmes Production Clocks
Flower-Pot Production
Ball-to-Rose Vase
—Color Photos
—Illusion Show Completed
—My Father Okito by Don Bamberg
—Photo Section: Okito and Fu-Manchu
—Stoyan Mirkovich
—Robert Albo Magic Collection by Amy Stevens
—Index Additions
Magic Supplement
—Index Additions
—Conradi Program
—The Magic Shop
—Additional Effects:
Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
Dell O’Dell Slate-Dove Production
Double Goldfish-Bowl Production
Chest of Ma Jong
Candle Drawer Box
Victoria-Flag-Vase Combination
Holmes Production Tube
Spirit Clock
Square Circle Tubes (Okito)
Chung Ling Soo Cylinder
Butterfly Silk Production
Alarm Clock Vanish and Reproduction
Cone of Plenty
Bell Production
Watch and Clock Stand
Coin in the Bottle
Production Portfolio (Robert-Houdin)
Marvelous Bowl Production
Mystic Vase, Ginger Beer Bottle and Sweets
Miraculous Screen
The Egg to Canary
—Final Thoughts
—Color Photos
The Magic Apparatus Collection of Robert J. Albo, M.D.
Zauber Klingl
Magic Collecting

Additional Classic Magic with Apparatus
—Table of Contents
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Introduction by Eric C. Lewis
—Chapter One—The Laboratories of Legerdemain in Austria:
Card in the Frame (Hartz Card Frame)
Mutilated Parasol
Flying Watches and Broken Plate
Wonder Clock
Mirror Glass
Vanishing Lamp on Tray
Magical Greenhouse
Ink to Goldfish
Wine and Water
Automatic Card Star
Production Fishbowl with Display Stand
Automatic Handkerchief Pedestals
Automatic Card Spider
Lit-Candle Production
Rice Production Cylinders
Lota Pitcher
Fire and Water
Marvelous Skittle Effect
Guinea Pig to Flowers
Rose Mirror
Card Mirror
Jumbo Card Rise
Watch Target
—Chapter Two—The Magic of Holland:
Wonder Screen Production
Water-Canister Production (Sensational Production)
Square Circle
Okito Blow Book
Okito Card Mystery
Chimerical Foulards
Foulard and Candle
Paddle-Card Prediction
Canary-Production Cage
Silk Beneath the Plate
Okito Tables
Double Penetration
Canary Vanish
Girl-on-the-Ribbon Illusion
Okito Card Rise 104
Redmon-Okito Rabbit Production
Mysterious Buddha
Flower-Production Plate
Novel Dove-Pan Production (The Magic Chafing Dish)
Ribbon Plate Release
Wand-O-Ring Box
Handkerchief in the Bread Roll
Checker Cabinet
Card to Canary (The Magic Coffer)
Cups and Balls
Transposition Extraordinary
Duck-Production Cabinet
Bamberg Egg Bag
Riddle of the Rabbit
The Vanishing Wand
Pearl Vase
Mandarin-in-the-Box Card Production
Enchanted Rice Trick
Shadow-Cabinet Illusion
Die Box
Tea-Chest Mystery
Inexhaustible Box
Fall-Apart Bird Vanish
Okito Coin Ladder
Production Tubes
Cage-and-Canary Transposition
—Chapter Three—Now and Then:
Silk Flight (Mikado)
Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
Nest of Boxes
Imp Bottle
Novelty Billiard-Ball Stands
Vanishing Bowl of Water
Watch Box
Walking Through a Ribbon
Automatic Spirit Bell
Exchange Drawer Box
Canary in the Lightbulb
Clock Divination
Ring Wand
Temple Top-Hat Finale
Mammoth-Bowl-of-Water Production
Card Plate
Casket for the Appearance of a Bird
Sucker Jumbo-Card Frame
Marvelous Floral Tube
Confetti to Rabbit
Flower-Mat Production
Three Dukes
Die and Box of Flags
Conradi Block Penetration
Crystal-Casket Production
Card-Rise Box
Glass Penetration of a Hat
Bonus Genius
Color-Changing Fan
Transformation Production Vase
Coin Casket
Shaker Coin Vanish
Mysterious Salver
Chinese Wands
Confusion in the Ark
Coins in the Glass (Silver Odyssey)
Vanishing Bird Cage (circular)
Coin in the Silver Nest of Boxes
Card and Watch Frame
Obedient Ball
Japanese Inexhaustible Box
Transformation of Bran to a Bottle of Wine
Ginger-Bottle Transformation
Inexhaustible Bottle
The Talking Skull
The 3D Slate
Art with Shears
Coffee Vase

History and Mystery of Magic
—Table of Contents
—Introduction by David Copperfield
—Foreword by Edwin A. Dawes
—Chapter One—Wizards, Wonders and the World of Magic
—Chapter Two—New Old Magic:
Loop The Loop (Table Model)
The Marvelous Silk Transposition
Brema’s Rice Bowls
Production of a Bowl of Flowers
Penetration of Matter
Morison Egg-and-Ball-Transposition Vase
Cake in the Hat
Pigeon Transposition from Cage to Cage
Candle Tube
Color-Changing Parasol
Orange-and-Bottle Transposition
Himber Pail
Signed Card in the Wallet
Oriental Cups and Balls
Conradi’s Magic Cubes
Maldo’s Likorcheif
Penetrix Card
Body Servante
Fakir Sword Trick
Pigeon Catch
Domino Box (Glove Box)
Miracle Frame
Further information on the Duck Vanish
McCullough’s Mighty Miracle Pitcher (Foo Can, Lota Bowl)
Himber’s Barrel Trick (Kuma Tubes)
—Chapter Three—French Magic Sets by Jacques Voignier
—Chapter Four—The Writings of the Wizards
—Chapter Five—The Micro Magic of Eddy Taytelbaum by Gene Gonzales
—Chapter Six—Unusual and Stock Magic Posters by Dom DiMento
—Color Section
—Final Word

Laboratories of Legerdemain
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Table of Contents
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: America
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: France
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: Germany
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: England
—Special Magic Section:
Surprising Silk Foulard
Miraculous Fish Bowl
The Ladies’ Favorite
Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)
Garland of Flowers
Miraculous Blooming Orange Tree
Inexhaustible Bottle
Fantastic Portfolio
Okito’s Chest
Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
Vanishing and Reappearing Fire Bowls
Ball Vase
Thayer Magic Revisited
Money Maker
Cut-and-Restored Jump Rope
New-Model Dynamic Dove Vanish (Rodent Vanish included)
Mystic Money Box
Vanishing-Coin Box
Mystic Tube and Ball
Hank-Vanishing Wand
Transpo Chango
Silk Worm
Mystic Coin Slide
Oriental Tubes of Mystery
Giant Thimble Tray
Flag Blendo
Golly-Wobble Bottle
Confetti-to-Rabbit Vase
The Cords of Cairo
Talking Lamp

Please note: The final two volumes of the original set included a CD-ROM database and DVD index. These are not included here.