Money Magic by Will Blyth is one of the earliest books completely devoted to the subject of conjuring and catches with coins. This classic was published in 1926, during the Golden Age of Magic and the year of Harry Houdini’s death. Magicians of the time praised it as the greatest collection of entertaining magic with coins.

Percy Naldrett, who wrote the foreward, highly recommends the book to both beginnners who want to entertain their friends and experienced professionals who seek subtle and deceptive coin work to add to their repetiores. Percy’s only complaint with the book is that it is too cheap.

This is a work that assumes a basic knowledge of coin sleights, and has a routine for the multiplying coin tray, a coin in potato effect, a floating coin trick, and even an early version of the Karate Coin as popularized by David Roth.

Money Magic by Will Blyth is also one of David Roth, Conjuring Art’s Master in Residence, favorite books.

David Roth says, “The final routine for the stack of quarters is very clever and I can’t wait to discuss it with you!”

Conjuring Arts hosted a FREE Livestream with David Roth to discuss coin magic of the era and Will Blyth’s Money Magic on Saturday October 29th, 2016!