Houdini’s name was so synonomis with magic that the great Dunninger titled his book “100 Houdini Tricks”!

Although the book does not contain Houdini’s secrets there is still a wide variety of magic presented in the volume such as Match Magic, Cigarette Stunts, Card Conjuring, Money Mystifiers, Spirit Tricks, and much more. 
 Dunninger, to whom magic was a profession and a way of life, has brought to this book not only the simple mechanics of 100 tricks, but has permitted the reader to benefit from his many years of practiced showmanship by including hundreds of hints for proper performance.
As a bonus, a wonderful chapter of anecdotes concerning the professional men of magic Dunninger has known and remembered is included – it’s entitled Magical Memories and includes some great biographical information and stories on Houdini and other great magicians. There’s also a short biography of Dunninger and a helpful piece on how to perform the tricks.