Harry Lorayne’s Special Effects Text-Based PDF with Bookmarks


IMPROMPTU CARD MAGIC– new “killer” effects, routines, ideas, concepts (that Harry’s kept to himself for years) – are now HERE – in Special Effects!


Text-based PDF with convenient bookmarks! Last Updated on 8-13-13 

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From the flaps:

There’s a reason for the success of any HARRY LORAYNE book. In the magic world Harry Lorayne is considered to be the best writer/teacher of, entertainer with, playing cards.

Mr. Lorayne’s exalted reputation began with Close-Up Card Magic (1962), which became an instant classic. That reputation grew in leaps and bounds with each succeeding book. What you have in your hands right now is a book that contains mostly never-before-in-print impromptu card effects, routines, ideas and concepts that Harry has kept to himself—some of them for decades. All are taught in Harry’s usual easy-to read, easy-to-learn style, just as expressed in the quote under the dust jacket’s rear photo.
A few, of so many, unsolicited testimonials:
… wonderful explanations by the man voted in the top 100 of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. Many magicians, professional and amateur, would rank him in the top five. Harry Lorayne is smart, articulate, a master magician and teacher, creative and quick, and writes with clarity, brevity, and wit.—Phil Pearce
Thank you, Harry, for all the inspiration over the years. You are the master—and you also taught me to spin cards! Your fan.—Jeff McBride
Everything good that I do comes from Harry Lorayne.—Jack Carpenter
Harry Lorayne revolutionized the approach to card magic. He is legendary for his teaching and writing ability. He possesses an excellent eye for quality routines and the ability to create entertainment with card magic.—Sam Schwartz
There’s only one author who made the learning process a breeze and that was and is Harry Lorayne. His writing style is communication-direct, no mucking around, zero ambiguity.—Michael Vincent
Harry brought me back into magic when I was just finding my way. I’d seen decent card magic, but never really knew the potential of a close-up card performance until I read Harry, saw Harry, learned from Harry. He’s great; I’d love him even if he never wrote a word.—David Regal
There are few authors in magic who never disappoint—Harry Lorayne is at the top. I can think of no higher standard for magic literature than Harry Lorayne’s books.—Vlad, The Magic Cafe
Harry Lorayne is one of the greatest writers/teachers on close-up card magic that ever lived. So far as I’m concerned Harry is more important than Erdnase to modern cardmen. Thanks for making me a better cardman, Harry.—Bill McCloskey
How many magicians have the breadth and depth of Harry Lorayne’s writing/teaching? He surpasses them all. Thanks, Harry—you have touched my life.—Gary Dayton
All Harry Lorayne material is amazing. The methods are simple and direct but the effects are staggering.—Edward Law
Special Effects has never before been offered as a PDF download. The Conjuring Arts Research Center is proud to have partnered up with Harry Lorayne to be the exclusive retailer of this exciting, new format.