Bibliographie Des Deutschsprachigen Schrifttums Zur Zauberkunst Publikationen Bis 1945


Volker Huber’s Bibliography of German Language Literature on Magic Arts Published Prior to 1945

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A New Milestone in Magic Bibliography

Bibliographie Des Deutschsprachigen Schrifttums Zur Zauberkunst Publikationen Bis 1945

Bibliography Of German-Language Literature on Magic Arts Published before 1945

Volker Huber & Christian Theiẞ

Books like this only appear once a generation, and that is if we are fortunate. Volker Huber, one of the world’s great magic collectors and historians, has spent nearly his entire collecting life researching and collecting German language books. His collection of German books is certainly the best in the world and the best that has ever been collected. Mr.Huber has used his incomparable collection as his prime resource for this bibliography to create  a reference work that only he could have made.

After more than 30 years of work, Mr. Huber has listed and described each conjuring book that he is aware of in the German language. Fortunately, he owns almost all of them so the descriptions and paginations are second to none and will be a huge advantage to all collectors following in his footsteps. 

The book is 675 over-sized pages finely printed in Germany with a section of color illustrations highlighting a number of notable books.

All magic book collectors owe Mr. Huber a great debt of gratitude for working the countless hours needed to create such an important resource. This monumental work will be the reference standard for generations to come and perhaps will never be superseded.


  • Several prefatory articles are in English
  • Book descriptions are in German (but easily understood if you are examining a book or comparing the entry to a book you have found.)
  • 3115 Books described
  • 675 offset printed pages 
  • 16 pages in color
  • Fine one piece cloth binding
  • Sewn signatures that will last a lifetime
  • Only 300 have been printed and we have only 50 copies in the United States.

$149.99 postpaid in the US (please email us if you want one and are outside the US)