Make this Christmas season magical for you & your loved ones.
CHRISTMAS… the most magical time of the whole year is a time for doing magic that is just a little more than the usual run of card, rope, ball and silk tricks.
Routines of a very special nature should go into the performances of professional magicians who, at Christmas time, usually are very busy doing shows for the many annual Christmas parties as well as amateur’s who are also usually asked to perform often this time of year.
The magician who will take the time said trouble to include in his routine even a few effects appropriate to the season will find his reward in the bright smiles and “oh’s” of little children and the quiet chuckles of adults who have been transported back a few years to the days when they believed in the one of the most magical legends – the visit of St. Nick.
Most of the effects here are merely adaptations of old and classic routines that most magicians use… But… by adding the Santa Claus touch, something indicative of Christmas – presto! A brand new effect is born.
A Merry Magical Christmas to you!