Gibecière 35, Winter 2023, Vol. 18, No. 1


Edited by Stephen Minch, issue 35 of our flagship journal, now available!

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We are delighted to present the thirty-fifth issue of our flagship journal Gibecière. Spanning the full issue is Dr. Steffen Taut’s study centered around the Papyrus Westcar. Dating back to 1775-1650 BCE in Egypt, the Papyrus Westcar describes a performance by Djedi at the court of King Cheops that was possibly a conjuring act. Dr. Taut sought to find out the truth behind the story – were Djedi and his performance real or myth? Was he a conjurer? With in-depth context and historical analysis, Dr. Taut leads readers on a journey to gain greater understanding of an important piece of conjuring history.
Issue number thirty-five is one of our most beautifully designed yet, inspired by the Papyrus Westcar itself. Along with illustrations, this issue also includes foldouts of full photograph reproductions of the Papyrus Westcar and the Papyrus Turin 1887. You do not want to miss this special issue!


Pocket Notes—Stephen Minch

The First Wonder: A Study of Conjuring in the Papyrus Westcar—Steffen Taut

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