I defy the police departments of the world to hold me!

I challenge any police official to handcuff me!
I am Houdini! The greatest of the jailbreakers and handcuff kings!
The entire world was captivated by one man who could do the impossible and escape from anything. Houdini was the first, greatest, and only true jailbreaker, handcuff king, and escape artist in history.
For years, Houdini toured the world escaping from anything the public and police would restrain him in, becoming America’s first superhero and the most famous magician in the world. Earning a special place in the public’s heart, thousands of people would flock to wherever Houdini was performing even if the theaters were too packed and they couldn’t see him. When he succeeded in an especially challenging escape Houdini would be paraded through the streets on the shoulders of the public as a hero.
Houdini aging and wanting to hold his real reputation of always being able to escape began to back off from performing his escapes and challenges. To scorch the earth for all his imitators he wrote Handcuff Secrets which revealed many secrets on escaping handcuffs and restraints.
Read how Houdini formulated some of his amazing escapes in his own words!