The worst thing that can happen at a party is for the guests to sit round waiting while the host and hostess are trying to think of something for them all to do. The question “What shall we do next?” must be answered immediately: it is still better if it is never asked at all.

This book has been written to prevent those awful gaps in the fun and games. It contains many kinds of games and tastes, and for use on all occasions, outdoors as well as indoors.
To be successful a party needs to be planned; but it is equally important that the planning should be done in advance and kept behind the scenes. The best kind of party is the one that has been carefully planned and yet does not seem to have been planned at all. For this reason the host or hostess is advised to select the games beforehand, and learn how they should be played rather than to wait until the guests arrive before getting the book out. All the games are described very simply and can be easily memorized.