La Cartera Multiefectos: una Cartera con Vida Propia by Dani DaOrtiz PDF


Spanish Language Version of La Cartera Multiefectos


In Spanish
You’ll find ideas, techniques, and 7 tricks in a 30 page PDF, complete with drawings. See the index:
History of the wallet, the wallet in question, about the gimmicks
Methods to insert cards:
Classic function, fusion with Kaps, inserting cards without palms
The Tricks
Prediction and Reality
Under Shadows
Finale for Torn and Restored
Business cards
It Happens Automatically with Cards
The Crystal Ball
Intriguing Prediction
Miscellaneous ideas:
Section by Dani
False Signatures
Signing a Card That Isn’t The Card
Changing Cards
Disappearing a Card
Improvised Tricks with C and D
Adding cards to a packet
Disappearing Cards
About the Change Compartment
Stealing a Card
Stealing a Coin
About the gimmicks
and much more!