PDF – Bargain Magic by Joseph Ovette


Cheap to make but stunning to watch, the effects described in this booklet are perfect for stage performers with small budgets and big ambitions.


Joseph Ovette is probably best remembered today as a card magician who originated the Master Move, but with Bargain Magic, he proves that he was no one-trick pony. A fine card effect from Louis C. Haley is the prelude to a wide variety of predominantly prop-based magic, all of which can be put together with minimal expense. There’s something for every stage performer in this booklet, from an ingenious production of a fishbowl that’s wider than the table on which it’s revealed, to multiple methods for the Needle and Thread effect. Mentalists will enjoy the clever and, crucially, silent two-person codes Ovette sets out, while Louis C. Haley’s closing two-page essay on “The Future of Magic” will give anyone interested in magic theory plenty to think about.

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