PDF – Classic Magic Supplement (Classic Magic series, vol. 8) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

Effect explanations, prop illustrations and fascinating stories—the Classic Magic series continues.

If it’s tricks you’re after, Dr. Robert J. Albo’s Classic Magic Supplement will offer you plenty. These pages feature amply illustrated explanations of Robert-Houdin’s magical portfolio, Okito’s square-circle tubes, Chung Ling Soo’s production cylinder and more. If you’re seeking color photographs of magnificent individual props and entire collections, look no further. This isn’t just one publication, however—it’s eight separate PDFs. Among them you’ll find Eric C. Lewis’s chronological study of Theo Bamberg’s career (“The Okito Timeline”), a look at the life and work of Floyd Thayer, and a fascinating essay on the Book Test by F. William Kuethe, Jr.  Accompanying the three volumes Dr. Albo published together under the Classic Magic Supplement title, we have included his illustrated standalone booklets Magic; Okito; Magic Collecting; Zauber Klingl, a study of the great Austrian prop manufacturer; and The Magic Apparatus Collection of Robert J. Albo, M.D.

8 PDFs; 405 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

Classic Magic Supplement
—The Okito Timeline
—Floyd Thayer
—“Forcing” Books and Book Tests

Classic Magic Supplement II
—Introduction by Robert J. Albo
—Table of Contents
—Martinka Apparatus
—Additional Magic:
Transformation Bottle
Mechanical Magic Lantern
The Soothsayer
Magic Mindreading Machine
Synchronized Magic Timepiece
Exchange Cone
Divination Discs
Blue Phantom
Candle Tube
Card Sword
Checker Cabinet
Sand Frame
Thayer Flower Production
Vanishing Bowl Of Water (Okito)
Locking Prediction Pointer
Prediction Dice Box
Holmes Production Clocks
Flower-Pot Production
Ball-to-Rose Vase
—Color Photos
—Illusion Show Completed
—My Father Okito by Don Bamberg
—Photo Section: Okito and Fu-Manchu
—Stoyan Mirkovich
—Robert Albo Magic Collection by Amy Stevens
—Index Additions

Magic Supplement
—Index Additions
—Conradi Program
—The Magic Shop
—Additional Effects:
Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
Dell O’Dell Slate-Dove Production
Double Goldfish-Bowl Production
Chest of Ma Jong
Candle Drawer Box
Victoria-Flag-Vase Combination
Holmes Production Tube
Spirit Clock
Square Circle Tubes (Okito)
Chung Ling Soo Cylinder
Butterfly Silk Production
Alarm Clock Vanish and Reproduction
Cone of Plenty
Bell Production
Watch and Clock Stand
Coin in the Bottle
Production Portfolio (Robert-Houdin)
Marvelous Bowl Production
Mystic Vase, Ginger Beer Bottle and Sweets
Miraculous Screen
The Egg to Canary
—Final Thoughts
—Color Photos

The Magic Apparatus Collection of Robert J. Albo, M.D.

Zauber Klingl



Magic Collecting