PDF – Do That Again! by Robert Parris & Oscar Weigle, Jr.


Inspired mentalism and superb magic with cards, silks and ropes, suitable for close-up, parlor and stage.


Lifelong friends and insightful magic writers and editors, Robert Parris and Oscar Weigle, Jr. only authored one book together — and what a great book it is… Do That Again! is divided into four chapters covering mental magic, card magic, magic with silk handkerchiefs and magic with ropes, and includes material that almost a century on from its first appearance in print, still leaves audiences baffled. The book’s opening mentalism section sees an array of techniques allow for astonishing coincidences, predictions and drawing duplications, while the cards chapter features a mix of ingeniously structured effects that can be combined to form a neat twenty-five-minute close-up or parlor act. Silk-based productions, transpositions and color changes follow, while a series of novel rope routines round out the effects on offer. A wonderful book.

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Robert Parris & Oscar Weigle, Jr.

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