PDF – Double Magic by Burling Hull


An inspired magical creator explores the many amazing effects that double-faced cards can bring about.


Burling Hull and the ingenious U. F. Grant join forces to present a short booklet that explains eighteen baffling effects with double-faced cards. As Hull states in his introduction: “Once in a decade comes an array of unique and miraculous card mysteries, introducing revolutionary magical principles in this branch of Mystification. Such are the card feats in this book. Many of the experiments have been viewed by America’s foremost Magical Critics and pronounced ‘AMAZINGLY INGENIOUS’.”

Hull describes a method for creating double-facers (although if he were writing now, we’re sure he’d recommend the Superior Fako set, available from the Conjuring Arts store…) before explaining routines in which these simple gaffs are used to effect transpositions, predictions, revelations and more. A fun booklet of easy but powerful card magic.

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