PDF – How to Answer Questions for Crystal Gazing and Mind Reading Acts by Burling Hull


A masterclass in how to perform highly personalized mentalism.


Although question-and-answer acts were the stock-in-trade of a number of performers of mental magic at the start of the twentieth century, the format has retained its appeal even to the present day, with mentalists like Derren Brown and Luke Jermay recently devoting whole shows to the concept of apparently receiving mental impressions of the issues weighing on audience members’ minds. Performers and historians alike, then, will be interested to read the great Burling Hull’s system for structuring responses to spectators’ questions. A $25 manuscript in the 1920s, How to Answer Questions is now available as a fully searchable PDF at a fraction of its original price.

While this booklet assumes that the reader already has a means of ascertaining what has been written by audience members, it offers a wealth of tips and advice on revealing this information in the most entertaining possible manner, and offers valuable insights to all mentalists seeking to learn more about interacting with audiences.