PDF – Ireland’s New Card and Coin Manipulation by Laurie L. Ireland


A small booklet brimming with great material.


The great Laurie Ireland presents his first publication devoted exclusively to card and coin magic, and there’s plenty to keep practitioners of both fields occupied in this twenty-eight-page booklet. Ireland begins with a surefire method for forcing that makes subtle use of an age-old principle. This force card is used to baffling effect in the two routines that follow, in which a spectator tears up a selection only to discover it restored, but for a corner he has retained in a card case, before the magician magically returns the card to its complete state. Next come a false shuffle that closely resembles (and predates the first publication of) the Triumph Shuffle, albeit performed in the hands, and a technique for Six-Card Repeat that is then employed in a highly deceptive CAAN, as well as manipulation moves, coin techniques and more.

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