PDF – More Exclusive Magical Secrets by Will Goldston


The must-read second volume of the “locked book” trilogy.


Will Goldston returns to his locked-book format to offer a wealth of wonder-inducing wizardry, having spent the seven years since the publication of the first volume in the series collecting previously unexplained material from the world’s greatest magicians. Over some five hundred pages, featuring a number of delightful illustrations, Goldston explains pocket magic with ropes, handkerchiefs, coins and knives, a selection of routines that replicate Spiritualistic feats, and a host of stage effects. Three variations of the Rising Cards are described, including Chung Ling Soo’s novel approach to the plot, as are plenty of comedy routines and a fine selection of illusions. Whether you’re simply curious to read Goldston’s fifty-page chapter of tips and advice, or keen to produce a kennel and live dog (page 223), you’re sure to find something in More Exclusive Magical Secrets that will improve your understanding and performance of every branch of conjuring.

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