PDF – More Than a Trick by Jack Vosburgh


Superb card magic from a highly creative thinker.


“The effects are magical, and the methods are easy and subtle” is Jack Vosburgh’s assessment of the material in this wonderful little book, and we’d certainly agree with the author’s description. Vosburgh was a friend and devotee of the great Theo Annemann, and if you enjoy his clear-cut magical thinking, you’re sure to get something out of the effects on offer here. The opening routine sees a paperclip vanish and appear on a selected card, and a simple but baffling prediction effect follows. Next is a novel three-card location and a great method for apparently divining a merely thought-of card that fans of Vernon’s “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” may well want to add to their repertoires. A variety of divinations and locations come next, with Vosburgh’s showpiece prediction “The Future Deck” rounding out this magnificent collection

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