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The book that laid the foundations for all future card-magic publications…


If you’ve ever attempted a Turnover Pass or used the term “color change”, you have August Roterberg to thank; when he chose to write New Era Card Tricks not for the benefit of beginners, but fellow professional performers, he didn’t just usher in a revolution in card-magic literature, he put into print material that some of the greatest card magicians of the last century would spend their lives refining.

This beautifully illustrated, two-hundred-and-ninety-page book features a wealth of stunning card effects. Roterberg begins by explaining a number of sleights and color changes, before detailing an array of routines, from transpositions and animations to mind-reading stunts. Roterberg describes a number of methods for gimmicking cards and constructing magic apparatus, explaining tricks that feature not just playing cards, but also handkerchiefs, rings, hats and coins. With much of the material in this book still able to baffle the most discerning audiences over a century since it was first published, Roterberg’s masterpiece reminds us just how exciting the current era of card magic can be.

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