PDF – Some More Exquisite Conjuring by Friedrich W. Conradi


Superb stage magic from an imaginative and often overlooked creator.


The second and final volume of Conradi’s English-language “Magic Library” series, Some More Exquisite Conjuring offers a selection of fine stage effects. The author begins with a fun-filled variation of the Mutilated Parasol, in which a young audience volunteer is played off against a grown-up counterpart, and continues with his take on the Floating Lady and a multi-phase Sympathetic Cubes effect, which Conradi assures the reader offers so much entertainment value that it “is an ‘Act’ in itself”. Further highlights include a vanishing and reappearing Talking Skull, a confetti production and a delightful card effect that makes use of a very clever but easy-to-perform move that leaves a spectator able to examine a packet from which an Ace disappears.

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