PDF – The Le Walke Mysteries by Edward Bagshawe


A forgotten gem containing a variety of ingenious effects from a great magical mind.


This booklet offers a series of striking examples of the creative genius possessed by George Le Walke, a prolific magic inventor who built a wide range of original items for British magic shops and is credited with having created the Ghost Tube. Edward Bagshawe provides explanations and illustrations of sixteen of Le Walke’s effects — the routines described range from a Floating Ball variation, in which the ball floats in a sealed tube, to a Spirit Writing effect with a unique method, and the Linking Rings, with Le Walke’s approach allowing the rings in question to be handed out for examination immediately after having been linked. If you use Steve Duscheck’s “Slippery Sam” gimmick or perform “Digital Dissolve”, you’re sure to enjoy the very clever coin effect in which a silver coin can be shown on both sides before turning into a copper coin in a spectator’s hands. If your preference is for parlor effects, a delightful routine in which the number of orange pips that are left on a knife after an orange is cut matches the number of pips on a selected playing card would make a worthwhile addition to any repertoire.

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