PDF – Thru the Dye Tube by Harold R. Rice & W. T. Van Zandt


An in-depth look at a classic magic prop.


The Dye Tube is a prop that has been employed by countless magicians, and for good reason — it can be used to perform delightful silk magic. In this fifty-page booklet, which is amply illustrated by Nelson Hahne’s beautiful artwork, two experts in silk-handkerchief manipulation join forces to offer a comprehensive insight into the many seemingly impossible effects that the Dye Tube can produce. Silks appear, change color and vanish, in routines that allow the magician to begin and end with bare hands or employ a variety of additional props. The authors explore four different types of Dye Tube before explaining effects with each, and finish with a range of routines suitable for children, adults and mixed audiences, with rhyming patter and engaging plots aplenty.

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Harold R. Rice & W. T. Van Zandt

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