PDF – Who’s Who in Magic by Will Goldston


An expert magician offers a series of fascinating profiles of fellow performers.


Magic scholars with an interest in the history of the art in the first half of the twentieth century will relish reading this hundred-and-sixty-page exploration of the movers and shakers of the conjuring world. The prolific Will Goldston takes the editorial reins for this publishing first, although the idea was suggested to him by Professor Hoffmann, and he draws on material given to him by Harry Houdini to produce an encyclopedic overview — complete with photos, autograph examples and act descriptions — of the biggest names of magic’s golden age. Even a cursory glance at the contents of this unique Who’s Who presents the reader with a fascinating mix of characters, as the entry for the great Professor Anderson, for example, is followed by one for Al Baker, and another for Charles Bertram. Lesser-known performers aren’t neglected either, with the book handily divided between professionals, semi-professionals and amateurs, nor is Goldston’s scope limited only to English-language conjurers. Anyone curious about the lives and repertoires of magicians from the mid-nineteenth century onwards will find plenty of delightful reading material here.

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