Between the Spring of 1983 and the Spring of 2006 William Miesel and Ed Eckl collected some of the most amazing and astonishing magic secrets ever and printed them in the Precursor. Don’t miss out on this Conjuring Arts Research Center exclusive as the Precursor is offered for the first time in PDF format.

Intended from conception to be the heir of the venerable Ibidem, Miesel coaxed the most creative minds in magic to part with cherished secrets which he re-wrote and used to filled the pages of Precursor.

Miesel cleverly would accept concepts and problems along with fully fleshed out routines, and by opening up the pages of Precursor to unfinished thoughts his journal became the birthplace for a lot of important material.  

Issue 88 was devoted to the card magic and card magicians who gather at the Buffalo Get-Together each fall.  Contributions included:
Randy DiMarco’s “Flip-Flop Collectors.”

Wesley James’s “Fake Reverse-Reverse Redux.”

Bill Goodwin’s “Step by Step.” In this routine the two red queens locate three selections one at a time.

Herb Zarrow’s “Out-Jog Packet Switch and Three Effects,” a switch of four card for four other cards.