A Conjuring Arts digital exclusive!
The Book is a very funny, entertaining, and comprehensive collection of some of the best current close-up magic and theoretical essays by the exceptionally talented group The Flicking Fingers. It has been translated into numerous languages, but the bound English edition is out of print and has been quite hard to find for many years. We are very pleased and fortunate, therefore, to be able to offer this digital edition!
Inside you will find a wide variety of contributions from such greats as Pit Hartling, Thomas Fraps, Helge Thun, Manuel Muerte, Rainer Pfeiffer, and Jorg Willich including items with coins, cups and balls, gummy bears, a hammer, rubber bands, card effects and moves, matches, a wine glass production, and more, with varied technical requirements from the easy to the how-is-that-even-possible.
The Book also includes four inspired and enlightening essays: “Being Creative with Magic”, “The Blind Spot”, “How to Act Wrong”, and “Status and Improvisation”.
You will be delighted with this book! Don’t miss the group’s other exciting productions like The Movie or their fantastic columns in Genii Magazine (available on Ask Alexander).