Triple Intuition [English] by Dani DaOrtiz PDF


Dani DaOrtiz teaches you Triple Intuition!


3 effects with your Triple Intuition!

The Triple Intuition: The classic trick of Dani DaOrtiz which gave name to this set, where three spectators with truly free choice, deal cards one at a time to the table stopping before looking and without any coherent explanation at the card that each of them thought of.

The thought of Intuition: From all the deck, a spectator begins to discard cards by groups, packets or one by one, until finally they are left with one. This card is the one that was thought of and never named by another spectator.

Intuition at a number: A spectator thinks of a card. Everyone shuffles the deck. Another spectator names a position from 1 to 52. They count one by one till they arrive at the chosen position. The thought of card, named for the first time coincides with the corresponding card at the chosen position.