13 Steps to Mentalism by Tony Corinda Text-Based PDF with Bookmarks


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Tony Corinda was an acclaimed inventor, writer, and teacher of the art of mindreading. Persuaded to write a book by his friends and with the support of nearly every professional Mentalist in the world, Corinda wrote The Thirteen Steps to Mentalism.
The series was published one Step at a time for two years and has become the defacto reference and encyclopedia on mental magic. Often referred to as ‘the Mentalists’ Bible’, 13 Steps to Mentalism, if studied well can provide the budding mentalist with an entire career’s worth and lifetime supply of material.
The 13 Steps to Mentalism
Step One Swami Gimmick
  Step Two Pencil, Lip, Sound, Touch and Muscle Reading
    Step Three Mnemonics and Mental Systems
      Step Four Predictions
        Step Five Blindfolds & X-Ray Eyes
          Step Six Billets
            Step Seven Book Tests and Supplement
              Step Eight Two Person Telepathy
                Step Nine Mediumistic Stunts
                  Step Ten Card Tricks
                    Step Eleven Question and Answer (Readings)
                      Step Twelve Publicity Stunts

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