BOTH the Hochman Encyclopedia and 2015 Price Guide in ePub format


Carry both Hochman and the 2015 Price Guide in your pocket all the time. Take advantage of the special price to buy both together now.


Hochman, as the book is commonly known, was originally compiled by well known and well respected  collector, Gene Hochman, in the 1970s. Years later this invaluable resource was completely rewritten and hugely expanded by Tom and Judy Dawson. This has been the “bible” of playing card collectors since the first day it was released. Now with Conjuring Arts ePub edition you can carry it everywhere! Tom and Judy have expanded this wonderful resource once again and Noah Levine has tirelessly converted it to ePub. That means it will resize on your smart phone, tablet, or computer screen and will always be readily available. How many times have you been at an antique store and found a deck of cards and wondered if it’s in Hochman and what is known about it?

Do you wonder what those great cards are worth? Tom and Judy Dawson with the help of many worldwide collectors have added 3 prices, based on condition, to each entry in the Encyclopedia. This 2015 Price Guide is included in this bundle!

Now you can reference both of these great books on your phone! We have tested these on the iPhone and iPad (via iBooks) using iOS 8 and also on Android tablets and phones (via Google Play Books).
This amazing new edition of Hochman has nearly 3000 photos (most are in color). Because of this the file size for the complete book is a bit too large to be easily used. To ensure that it works for most everybody we have broken the book into 4 parts and when you purchase you will get links to download all four parts separately. The 2015 Price Guide also has it’s own link that you will get in the email you receive when you purchase the bundle.
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