This 13-issue volume is full of interesting articles and news stories. Opening with a detailed account of the 16th-annual SAM dinner, which included a performance by Fred Keating, who studied with Nate Leipsig, Volume 10 is one you don’t want to miss.   Read the absorbing story of Signor Blitz doing a command performance for Abraham Lincoln and his family. Lincoln obviously liked magic, as this was not the first time a magician had performed for him. You will find some very interesting biographical material on Breslaw, a very successful eighteenth century magician, as well as one by Houdini about Philadelphia, who performed in the 17th century. Issue 8 commemorates the death of Felician Trewey with an informative retrospective of his life. Trewey was an equilibrist, juggler, shadowgraphist, mimic, and magician. The volume closes with a report on the 17th annual SAM banquet, including a photo of the assembled guests. Of course don’t forget the editorials by Houdini, and the minutes of the monthly meetings.

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