Volume 8 contains an account of the 14th annual SAM dinner, a lively affair with performances by Otto Hornmann, William Ransom, Fred Eldred, Alfred Benzon, G.G.Laurens,  David Roth, the memory expert, and Bobby, the handcuff King dog, trained by Houdini. Interesting articles include one written upon the death of Paladino , the Italian medium who fooled everyone until he was finally exposed.  Packed into this volume are great historical essays written by Houdini, including one on Katterfelto and another on Wyman the Wizard, who did a command performance for Abraham Lincoln. Houdini also teamed up with Henry R. Evans to tell the story of Giovanni Belzoni’s life, which reads like an adventure novel but is all true. An interesting read is Oscar Teale’s column “feats of magic explained”. Furthermore, you will find editorials and the minutes of the monthly meetings.

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