PDF – Jamesosophy Number 1 by Stewart James


The perfect introduction to the work of a magical genius.


If you’ve never studied Stewart James’s material before, you’re in for a treat. Here are three effects, concisely explained, that will provide you with an excellent insight into Mr. James’s unique approach to structuring magic and teasing out delightful methods. Although “Swastricka” will principally be of interest to historians, workers will find in “Memo-Graphia” a self-working wonder that’s certain to fool magicians and non-magicians alike. James’s “All Clear” transformation rounds out this short volume, and it’s hard to imagine a routine that draws more magic from such little work on the magician’s part, as a selected card reverses itself at a position that a spectator seemingly senses in advance, before it is revealed that the selection is the only red card in a blue deck.

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