PDF – Laboratories of Legerdemain (Classic Magic series, vol. 11) by Robert J. Albo



Conjuring Arts and the Albo family proudly and exclusively offer Dr. Albo’s “Classic Magic” collection in PDF format!

The definitive guide to the greatest prop-based magic ever created—the concluding volume!

Laboratories of Legerdemain rounds out Dr. Robert J. Albo’s superb Classic Magic series with a combination of historical details and trick explanations that make this volume a truly worthwhile addition to any magical library.

Dr. Albo begins with an exhaustive study of magic shops and prop manufacturers. Bringing together information available nowhere else, he charts the development of magic makers from the sixteenth century to the present day, in fully illustrated chapters covering the U.S.A., France, Germany and England. A detailed look at some of the finest prop-based effects in magic follows, followed by a special chapter devoted to the apparatus produced by Thayer, accompanied by color illustrations.

A magnificent conclusion to a landmark series in magic publishing.

495 pages. Fully searchable text with extensive illustrations.

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Full contents:

Laboratories of Legerdemain
—Foreword by Robert J. Albo
—Table of Contents
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: America
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: France
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: Germany
—Laboratories of Legerdemain: England
—Special Magic Section:
Surprising Silk Foulard
Miraculous Fish Bowl
The Ladies’ Favorite
Horn of Plenty (Cornucopia)
Garland of Flowers
Miraculous Blooming Orange Tree
Inexhaustible Bottle
Fantastic Portfolio
Okito’s Chest
Vanishing and Reappearing Lamp
Vanishing and Reappearing Fire Bowls
Ball Vase
Thayer Magic Revisited
Money Maker
Cut-and-Restored Jump Rope
New-Model Dynamic Dove Vanish (Rodent Vanish included)
Mystic Money Box
Vanishing-Coin Box
Mystic Tube and Ball
Hank-Vanishing Wand
Transpo Chango
Silk Worm
Mystic Coin Slide
Oriental Tubes of Mystery
Giant Thimble Tray
Flag Blendo
Golly-Wobble Bottle
Confetti-to-Rabbit Vase
The Cords of Cairo
Talking Lamp