A historical look at The Heroes of The Puppet Stage.

The Play Bill
I. Prologue
II. At the puppet show
III. Behind the scenes
IV. The celebrated Punch family
V. The strange history of Mr. Punch
VI. Wooden saints and Martyrs
VII. The ancestry of Punchinello
VIII. Distant Relatives
IX. The Japanese Romeo and Juliet
X. The love of the three oranges
XI. Harlequin’s Company
XII. The play that lasts a year
XIII. The voyages and adventures of the puppets
XIV. Casperl, the comic countryman, and the famous Faust play
XV. The tragical comedy or comical tragedy of Dr. John Faust
XVI. Plays in black and white
XVII. Amateur puppets
XVIII. Long live the puppets!
XIX. Patron and patronesses and other divertisements in prose and verse