Today we have many opportunities to hear and witness excellent compere appearing in entertainments, and the magical compere would do well to study their mannerism and style with the ultimate aim of deciding how best he may perfect himself.

The magician may be, as well as working between the acts, doing his own magical show, therefore, the items necessary for introduction should be novel and distinct from the usual routine of magical acts. They should be complete little items, humorous if possible, and essentially short enough to ensure that the entertainer, who will make many appearances, does not overstay his welcome or spoil the effect of his own act. The should be of an intimate nature, but must necessarily fit the magician’s style to to be successful.

The magical compere does one trick, then with dignity he introduce the following artiste and leaves the stage. In that brief time he has, especially in the early part of the show to create friendship, get a laugh or two and make his magical performance successful.
The Magical Compere – Laurie’s guide for the magical M.C.