Farelli’s Card Magic Part One & Two by Victor Farelli Text-Based PDF


Learn aspects of card handling and effects from the clever mind of Victor Farelli.


Farelli’s Card Magic: A Practical Treatise on Little-Known Card Sleights, Including Numerous New Card Problems.

A student of David Devant, Victor Farelli was born in Dublin, Ireland, and was the foreign correspondent for a number of magic magazines.

Farelli’s Card Magic came out in 1933 in two parts. Each part contains over 120 items, and there is a lot of great material, much of which is little known these days. You will find tips, sleights, flourishes, passes, substitutes for the pass, forcing, false shuffling, palming, second dealing, card to wallet, and much more, from magic luminaries like: David Devant, Nate Leipzig, Horace Goldin, John Mullholland, Billy O’Connor, Harry Houdini, Dr. Elliott, and Chung Ling Soo.

It is a fantastic collection and a great way to get accustomed to another era in card handling. As a result, you will find many things that are of great value that didn’t make it into present day card books and which may either find a welcome home in your repertoire or inspire you in some new direction!