Houdini used Robert-Houdin’s life and career as a blueprint and rocketed himself to success by following in his footsteps. He even went so far as using his name Houdin but added an “i” because he was told it meant “to be like” in French. Robert-Houdin was a master of the art in his eyes and when Houdini became hugely successful he decided to seek out new laurels to add to his master’s legacy. His search brought him only disillusionment and bitter disappointment. In this book Houdini strips Robert-Houdin of his veil of romance and reveals him in the uncompromising light of cold historical facts and gives credit to the magicians who history had forgotten. Harry Houdini had travelled far and wide, speaking to retired magicians and spending fortunes to acquire the evidence and research he presents in the Unmasking of Robert-Houdin.