Woes of a Wizard PDF


Follow David Devant’s triumphs and tribulations as he rises to become England’s top magician.


David Devant wrote Woes of a Wizard before he was England’s top magician and before he became partners with John Nevil Maskelyne. This well-known memoir tells of Devant’s successes and failures as he struggles to overcome the difficult circumstances of a working performer at the turn of the 20th century. He recounts his travels and adventures being robbed, heckled, and threatened with violence all in his inimitable light hearted manner.
Follow Devant in his formative years, from his humble beginnings as a professional starting out who gets his show ruined by cunning and unscrupulous audiences members, all the way to his meteoric rise as one of the greatest entertainers of his era.
The book can be used by anyone who performs magic as a guide on handling rough situations, building a worthwhile career, and having a lasting impact in both the realm of magic and audiences around the world.