Step six in Conrinda’s series “Thirteen Steps to Mentalism”.

Part One: Technique
Simple Rules to Follow
Centre Tear (Corinda)
The Centre Tear (Punx)
Centre Tear (One Hand)
Centre Tear (Backward Variation)
Centre Tear Preparation
Centre Tear (Reading the Billet)
Billet Switch (Bare Hand)
Billet Switch (Annemann)
Billet Switch by Lapping
Billet Switch (Magnetic Clip)
Billet Switch (Corinda Pull)
Billet Switch (Dexter’s Matchbox)
Billet Switch (Henley)
Marking of Billets
Billet Stands
Star Trap Billet Switch (Mason)
Use of a Crystal Ball
Summary of Billet Switching
Part Two: Tricks and Routines
“The Crystal Locket”, a Routine by Dr. Stanley Jaks
“Three Little Questions” by Corinda
“It’s a Record!” by Corinda
“Presenting the Living and Dead” by Corinda
“Great Minds Think Alike” by Punx
“The Flames of Zor” by Chemical Reaction!
“A Card and Billet Routine” by Corinda and Fogel
“Inexplicable” by Al Koran
“Complete Routine for the Centre Tear” by Corinda