This booklet contains a great deal of original and clever coin material. Part One teaches thirty different ways to vanish a coin, using pencils, envelopes, a paper bag, a wrist watch, the sweat band of a hat, and the E.J. coin fold. Part Two is devoted to coin changes, either openly or secretly. Part Three covers new moves, tips, and gimmicks, including advice on palming, back palming, transfers, producing coins from classic palm and finger palm, the looped coin, and much more. Part Four is all about combination moves with coins and match boxes, a prop much favored by Mr. Joseph. In Part Five you are taught how to stick a coin to a marble or concrete floor so that it cannot be removed, unless you know how, and Part six deals with coin effects involving the dates of coins. Finally, in Part Seven, there new and original coin routines, plus Mr. Joseph’s variations on some classic coin tricks, such as the Purse Swindle, and the Coin Assembly. All in all, a huge amount of material from one man, truly something for everyone. Recommended by David Roth, Conjuring Arts Research Center’s Master in Residence.