A book For Magicians Only.

Charles Waller shows you:
What Magic Is
Magical Introductions

Paper Magic
The Afghan Bands
The Tale of an Elephant
The Coin Fold
The Princess Card Trick
Manipulation with Cards

The Filtering Ink
The Chinese Rice Bowls
The Magic Numbered Bricks
The Wine and Water Trick
The Man in the Moon
The Growth of Flowers
The Phantom Die
The Little Match Girl

Stolen Jam
The Chinese Rings

The Hindoo Lota
The Scientific Milkman
In Dumb Show
The Water of the Ganges
The Bricklayer’s Nightmare

A Paradoxical Perplexity
The Orange, Skittle and Drawer Box

My Lady’s Fan
The Elongated Donkey
The Aerial Knot
Throw a Six
Wedding Bells
The Elfin Torches
The Top That Tours
“An Empty Bottle of Beer”
Percolation Phenomenal
“Any Bites?”
A Vase of Flowers
Stringing the Ring
Magic Broth
The Girl Behind the Pen
“Orange and Lemons”
The Harlequin Cigarette
The Wide, Wide World