You are soon going to come into a lot of money, and…

You will meet someone you will marry, and…
You are going to make new friends who will greatly influence your life, and…
Yes, it’s in the cards! And if you don’t play cards, you can lift the veil into the future via your palm or your birthday.
Perhaps you’re good at figures. Then “What Your Numbers Tell” is just your dish. By this process you can pry into the unknown and claim a good big share of all the health, happiness, and prosperity that is coming your way.
That dream you had last night. What does it mean? Your answer is in this book.
And don’t miss “Your Fate in Magic Tables.” You will be fascinated by its revelations.
For those who prefer other means of forecasting the future, this book shows you how to tell fortune by tea leaves, hand-writing, dice, dominoes, fire, mole, lucky charms, the Ouija Board, table tipping, and crystal gazing.
If you want to give your predictions that “professional touch,” there is a chapter on “The Psychology of Fortune Telling.”
Use this book when friends drop in for an evening. Let it entertain everybody at your next party.
Ladies and gentlemen, we give you – Fortune Telling for Fun and Popularity!